Jake Tapper just destroyed Trump’s “spygate” conspiracy in epic CNN segment


President Trump has been working overtime this week to sling a slew of conspiracy theories and muddy the waters of the national discourse. It’s not new behavior for him, but the intensity and volume is something new.

With the recent revelation that the FBI had an informant close to members of the Trump campaign reporting on suspicious interactions between campaign members and Russia, it now seems more likely than ever that there was collusion.

To combat that growing perception, Trump has coined the term “Spygate” and is trying to paint the perfectly legal and proper use of an informant as an attempt by corrupt Obama officials to undermine Trump’s election chances. The lie is utterly ludicrous and no thinking person would buy into it. Unfortunately, most Trump supporters aren’t known for being thinking persons. The president knows he can fabricate anything he wants and a large swath of the population will swallow it without blinking.

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CNN‘s Jake Tapper, a reliable and honest critic of much of the president’s behavior and policies, decided to set the record straight on his show in the hopes of getting through to some of those susceptible to Trump’s mendacity. Tapper started off by laying out the actual facts of the situation, before moving on to a more incisive critique of the president himself.

“Now, while we await the investigation into this matter by journalists and by the Justice Department inspector general, it’s worth remembering that while we’re sticking to facts and telling you just what we know, President Trump apparently has no such constraints since he simply makes stuff up. He frequently lies and has a long and well-documented career engaging in conspiracy theories about all manner of subjects, with no concrete evidence ever provided,” said Tapper.

The CNN anchor then offered a list of other conspiracy theories Trump has pushed in the past, including the racist birther movement which claimed our first black president hadn’t been born in the United States and was thus ineligible to hold the nation’s highest office.

Watch below.


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