A deadly shooting just occurred in an Oklahoma restaurant


According to reports from journalist Keaton Fox of ABC13, a mass shooting was just committed in a restaurant in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

UPDATE: It appears that early reports were incorrect and only two people were shot and a third injured through some other altercation.

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This shooting comes on the heels of the deadly massacre in Santa Fe, Texas, where two teachers and eight students were gunned down in cold blood. It has also been just a month after James Shaw Jr. used his bare hands to prevent more deaths at the hands of a crazed gunman in a Waffle House in Tennessee.

In spite of what appears to be an ever-more common occurrence, the NRA is clinging to their sales pitch claiming guns aren’t the problem, and in the wake of the Santa Fe shooting, even the brave survivors-turned-activists from Parkland, Florida weren’t able to drum up the same fervor they’d managed to maintain since their Valentine’s Day tragedy.

This is what always happens – the gun smoke clears, the blood is painted over, and Americans move on with their lives. The successful PR campaign the NRA has spent decades perfecting is working, and it’s costing American lives.

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This cannot continue.

This is a breaking news story. New details will be added as they become available. 

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