June 29, 2022

A passenger just hurled racial slurs at a flight attendant and immediately got what she deserves [WATCH]

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In the last few months, most major American airline companies have created their fair share of controversy by suffocating dogs in overhead bins, shipping dogs to the wrong country, and occasionally supporting some racist commentary from passengers.


Outside of the U.S., airlines seem to be operating far more progressively, as a pilot on Tunisair stood up for a flight attendant when a passenger made a degrading comment against her.

Ghofrane Binous was just doing her job preparing for flight 215 from Tunis to Istanbul, Turkey, when two passengers began to argue about overhead storage space. In a Facebook post, Binous chronicled an incident in which one of the passengers refused her help and chose to hurl racial slurs at her instead.

I don’t need your help. The last thing I need is a black b*tch of an air hostess,” the passenger hissed.

Binous said simply, “I began to cry.”

In a move which some American pilots could certainly turn to for inspiration, Pilot Mounir Ajlani leaped into action with the help of the rest of the flight’s crew to have the racist passenger removed from the plane:

“My colleagues came spontaneously to express their solidarity, as well as other passengers. The Commander was informed of what had happened, and immediately demanded that this passenger descend from the plane,” Binous explained.

It was an ironic end to a dispute which began over a search for overhead bin space, considering the women didn’t get to use any of the flight’s amenities after being removed.

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Binous rained praise and gratitude down on everyone who turned what could have been a tense racial incident into a moment of empowerment.

“So I wanted to thank the commander Mr. Ajlani Mounir our cabin chief Kammoun Wacef, co-pilot Zied Yaich and all my colleagues from the crew.”

Even if you remove the racial slur from the passenger’s vitriol, the way she chose to treat another human being who was trying to do her job is entirely symptomatic of the corporate culture which tells customers they are always right in a desperate bid to siphon money from their wallet.

Thankfully, this woman got her just desserts and was removed from the plane, but the frequent mistreatment of service employees needs to become a priority of the corporate world both domestically and abroad, or situations like these will only continue.

Watch the moment which led up to the racist’s ejection below:

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