January 29, 2023

Trump just unveiled a medal congratulating himself, but there’s a humiliating problem

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Donald Trump loves to celebrate himself and his accomplishments, even when he hasn’t actually achieved anything. It’s a fairly common symptom of affluenza, when you coast through life with a hoard of servants who tend to your every whim and shower you in nothing but praise.


For the Monday after yet another deadly school shooting which has prompted no Republican action on gun reform, Trump decided to release a commemorative coin featuring him and his newest best friend and inspirational dictator, Kim Jong Un:

Technically, the White House Communications Agency released the commemorative “trip coin” to mark the upcoming summit between the American and North Korean authoritarians.

One side of the coin features Air Force One taking off over the White House, while the flip side depicts silhouettes of Trump and Kim facing each other. One interesting thing to note is how much the carved replica of Trump’s profile actually resembles the president. The narcissist usually prefers to be shown with better posture and without his many chins, so at least his truly grotesque exterior will be properly represented for however many generations will survive after this presidency.

The coin attaches titles to both men featured on the face, noting Trump as “president” and Kim Jong Un as “Supreme Leader” because what everyone wanted from Trump’s tax scam was a commemorative coin celebrating a dictator who starves his people and kills his family for political gain.

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The coin is released ahead of a scheduled June 12 meeting in Singapore between Trump and Jong Un, with the coin titling the encounter “peace talks.”

Unfortunately for the American taxpayer, this meeting might not even happen.

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After reuniting in a neutral zone on the Korean Peninsula just last month with South Korean President Moon, Jong Un indicated a sudden interest in denuclearization and holding a peace summit with Donald Trump.

Not long after, North Korea wavered and announced a potential rollback of the intended summit in response to continued military drills between the U.S. and South Korea. They also cast doubt over their previously announced denuclearization.

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The White House has continually brushed off the threats to cancel the meeting, with Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders even saying this was “fully expected”:

The White House intends to move forward with plans for the summit until it is officially canceled.

So, there is “no money” for universal healthcare, to fix the water in Flint, MI, to repower Puerto Rico, and Trump’s big infrastructure plan has been pushed back indefinitely, but thank goodness there’s a coin for meeting with a dictator that might not happen.


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