The Trump administration was just hit with new lawsuit for hiding the truth about the FBI


A new Freedom of Information lawsuit against the Trump administration is about to unravel the President’s lies and false attacks on the Bureau. (lawsuit embedded below)

Lawfare blog editor Benjamin Wittes filed suit under the federal FOIA law to obtain this year’s FBI “climate survey,” which asks agents to rate the agency’s mission and their bosses.

President Trump’s constant, vicious attacks against FBI leadership often include slandering their leadership’s job performance, but last year the New York Times revealed that it was all disinformation and that the agents broadly supported ex-Director James Comey.

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That’s why Wittes asked for this year’s survey from February and March, which the administration refused to provide. His federal lawsuit reads:

The FBI faced many challenges over the past year, following President Trump’s decision to fire Director Comey.

The President and his allies have accused specific FBI personnel of skewing investigative results, abusing surveillance authorities, and engaging in a vendetta against the President [and] also have repeatedly attacked the integrity of the FBI and its agents on Twitter.

Plaintiffs seek to understand and explain to the public how these actions affect FBI morale. Despite the Bureau’s prior willingness to publicly release the results of the climate surveys, the Bureau has not released the most recent results.

The President’s unceasing attacks on American law enforcement have been proven to be entirely baseless in the past.


Earlier this year, Trump personally terrorized the bureau’s former Acting Director Andrew McCabe, a career official that he drummed out of office by haranguing the Department of Justice until he was fired on his birthday, just to deny him the pension benefits he had earned.

Benjamin Wittes’ new lawsuit promises to provide a unique window into the minds and opinions of the FBI after their agency has withered its first full year of attacks by the President while they investigate the crimes that appear all but certain to end his administration.

Find the complete lawsuit here:

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Grant Stern

Editor at Large

Grant Stern is a columnist for the Washington Press. He's also mortgage broker, writer, community activist and radio personality in Miami, Florida.