February 5, 2023

Jim Carrey just released a powerful painting about the Santa Fe school massacre

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Comedian Jim Carrey just released a painting (below) about the tragic mass shooting in Texas last week that perfectly captures the anxiety America’s school children face because of cowardly politicians who sold out their safety to the NRA and gun manufacturers.


Jim Carrey has found an unexpected second career as a painter and social commentator. His sharply drawn, colorful images have sparked outrage on the right, even while offering visually faithful, yet striking portrayals of White House officials best known for their hard-hearted lies.

Now, Carrey has turned his brush to the Santa Fe High School mass shooting in Texas by re-writing the Pledge of Allegiance to more accurately reflect the intentions of the Republicans who have sold out to their masters in the gun lobby. It reads:

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the gun makers for whom it stands.

One nation, under greed-indefensible, with butchery and injustice for the most innocent of all.

Republicans care more about the safety of their gun rights than the safety of children, and there’s not much of a question about it.

Only one day after the Parkland massacre, Democrats caught Florida GOP gubernatorial candidate and “proud NRA sellout” Adam Putnam tried to sneak a bill through that state’s legislature

Republican Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick insanely blames the mass shooting at Santa Fe High School on abortions and video games, and not on the easy access to guns and ammunition that every study shows correlates directly with increased mass shootings in America.

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Santa Fe High School received statewide awards for their active shooter preparation program, they had two armed police officers on campus, but still there was nothing they could do to save the lives of ten students.

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Jim Carrey’s portrayal of the horrific source of the problems facing American students is dead on the money, that it is the horrific greed of the NRA’s sponsors and the politicians who’ve put the lives of every American student at risk in exchange for a few coins and the political power that that money can buy.

Here’s the painting: 


Grant Stern

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