May 25, 2022

Barack and Michelle Obama just signed a major deal with Netflix

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44 and 45 are pulling a little Freaky Friday on us!

Donald Trump left the world of reality television for the Oval Office (with the exception of his infrequent presidential TV appearances). Now that former President Barack Obama is out of there himself, he’s looking to enter the world of television.

The former POTUS is teaming up with his wife and former FLOTUS Michelle Obama in a deal with digital-media giant Netflix, which they announced on Twitter Monday:

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Obama has always expressed a great appreciation for the artistry of filmmaking, which he articulated way back in 2016.

“That’s a media that connects us with people and stories we might otherwise never know, and it puts us in the shoes of people potentially on the other side of the world or the neighborhood very different than the one we grew up in.”

In fact, Mic reported back in 2016, ahead of Obama’s departure from his second term, that the outgoing president was considering making his mark in the movies. The White House simply said Obama has “no plans” to enter the industry after leaving office.

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Now, the Obamas will officially take their powerful messaging to the small screen with access to 125 million subscribers, so reported Netflix last month.

With all of the chaotic content constantly coming from the dithering oaf who succeeded the last real President of the United States, it’s nice to know something with the Obama’s positive and empowering messaging will soon be available in the endless ether of digital content.

It also certainly couldn’t hurt to have Obama-branded content in circulation with the upcoming elections. There is certainly no downside to an uptick in progressive content to counter the likes of Fox News with a distributor like Netflix which encourages its creators to broach subjects that would be too unsavory for basic cable.

Plus, with Trump-apologist shows like Roseanne and Tim Allen’s once-cancelled, now-revived pro-Trump Last Man Standing, the more progressive content, the better. The world has suffered enough from normalizing Trump and his base’s behavior.

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Salvatore Nicholas

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