Pres. Obama’s CIA director just issued a blistering attack on McConnell and Ryan for silence on Trump’s FBI tantrums

The man that the right-wing will ignore and denounce as part of the “Deep State”, John Brennan, the former CIA Director under President Obama, just issued a powerful accusation against the two top Republican leaders in Congress, placing the blame for any damage done to our democracy by the destructive tactics of President Trump squarely at their feet.

Brennan was responding to the latest in a veritable tornado of tweets vomited forth from the paranoid mentality of our Con-Man-der-in-Chief this morning after a week of further revelations about the depths of the collusion and obstruction that he doth protest too much against.

Trump’s attempts to discredit our nation’s law enforcement agencies to save his own ample, but poorly protected posterior, have Brennan’s blood boiling over the failure of the two mainstream Republican leaders, one already a lame duck, to even utter a peep of reproach to the President over his deceitful and hateful rants.

Of course, with the disclosure of Russian payments to the NRA which in turn donated copious amounts of campaign cash to multiple members of the GOP, the entire Republican party is implicated in the same collusion that the president is mired in now.

While the former CIA Director may be properly assigning the blame for the failure to reign in an out-of-control incipient autocrat, Brennan is likely to be disappointed to see his attempts to shame the Republican Congressional leadership into rising to defend our democracy end in failure.

The only thing that Speaker Ryan and Majority Leader McConnell will be defending at this point will be their own self-interests and that means trying to keep their control of Congress and their own butts out of prison for their own obstructions of justice as they put party over country again and again.

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Vinnie Longobardo

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