Dictionary.com just hilariously trolled Trump over his disgraceful Twitter mispellings


You know you’ve lost the support of the nation when even Dictionary.com is trolling you.

But how else could they respond when President Trump insists on misspelling “collusion” in his tweets as he did this morning in his veritable “War and Peace” of tweet storms?

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The meticulous scribe who commands the Dictionary.com twitter feed decided that they could leave no spelling error uncorrected, but decided to do so in a way that would ensure maximum mirth among the more politically astute subscribers to their tweets.

Perhaps some better angel is guiding the president’s fingers as he types his tweets, urging his digits towards truthfulness through typos. It will be hard for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to charge the president with perjury if he testifies that there was no “Collussion” with Russia — or no “collision” with Russia for that matter.


Maybe this is part of a whole new legal strategy devised by his latest attorney Rudy Giuliani to impart plausible deniability into the president’s Twitter feed.

Given, however, that he misspelled his own wife’s name yesterday, let’s not ascribe more credit for innovative lexicological schemes than is truly due.

The reality is that it’s much more likely that his tiny fingers simply hit the keyboard one time too many, and his impatient mind did not bother proofreading before he hit send.

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