October 1, 2022

Trump just humiliated Melania in his “welcome back” tweet

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People wonder whether President Trump actually writes his own tweets or if he hands the composing, typing and posting duties off to a low-level aide.


Judging by the President’s latest tweet, and the fact that we haven’t heard of any sudden personnel changes at the White House this morning, it appears that all of the blame for those presidential tweets can be placed in the thumbs of Trump himself.

One must come to that conclusion because surely someone would be fired if they misspelled the name of the first lady while sending a tweet on behalf president.

As soon as the typo was posted the Twitter wags started the furious mocking of the president for his failure to get his own wife’s name correct.


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Whether it was a slip of the finger, an autocorrect error, or simply a senior moment from the president was impossible to determine, but within four minutes someone noticed the barrage of comments on the mistake and deleted the original tweet to replace it with a corrected version.

Given the obvious tensions in the presidential marriage since the revelations of Trump’s infidelities with various adult entertainers and copious payments for non-disclosure agreements, you would think that the least Trump could do is spell his wife’s name correctly to give some semblance of gratitude that she successfully recovered from her mysterious kidney surgery and returned home to the White House.

Detail orientation has never been one of Trump’s claims to fame, so why should it change now?

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Vinnie Longobardo

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