November 27, 2022

Michael Moore just laid out critical new priorities for Democrats in the 2018 midterms

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Filmmaker Michael Moore doesn’t want us to take our eyes off the prize. While Moore has been a staunch advocate of removing Donald Trump from the White House, he wants to remind people that impeachment is a means to achieve a goal, not an end in and of itself.


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“Just getting rid of Trump, what does that do?” Moore told The Washington Post on Wednesday. “So we go back to the day before Trump, and was that that great a day? We have a lot of problems we have to fix. Yes, Trump has to go, but that shouldn’t be the main goal.”

With income inequality, environmental degradation, racism, a failing infrastructure, and a multitude of other problems to address even once the orange dotard is removed from office and the Republican congressional majority is back manning their local chambers of commerce, Moore wants to make sure that impeachment isn’t seen as a panacea for the nation’s ills.

Indeed, the really difficult work of finding appropriate and effective solutions to America’s problems will be just beginning once Trump is finally brought to justice, so don’t expect much of a breather despite the long struggle to accomplish that much desired goal.

Moore, for his part, is hard at work on his new TV series “Michael Moore TV Nationwhich will debut on TBS this fall. Unlike his earlier “TV Nationprogram from the mid-1990’s, Moore’s new show will focus less on man on the street interviews and more on political skits by Moore and a team of correspondents.

“It will be all satire,” Moore told The Washington Post, “Basically it will take on what’s going on. I’ve been given free rein by the network.”

“Think of this as the first post-Trump show while Trump is still in office,” he said.

With both Moore and Samantha Bee on their network this fall, TBS looks to be a hotbed of political humor just in time for the midterm elections. Now there’s a prize to keep our eyes on!

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