The Republican Texas Lt. Governor just came up with the worst idea ever to stop school shootings


After every major school shooting, pundits pontificate on the causes of violence in our society. Today’s massacre at Santa Fe High School in Texas allegedly by a 17-year-old student at the school, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, is no different.

Analysts on the left point to the easy availability of assault weapons, lax regulations on background checks, and a patchwork of state regulations that make weapons simple to buy in a state with few regulations and import to a state where legislators have at least tried to find a solution to gun violence with stricter laws.

Right-wing pundits simply sing the NRA’s talking points: “they” are trying to take away your guns and Second Amendment rights; only a good person with a gun can stop a bad person with a gun (an assertion disproven by James Shaw Jr when he wrested the rifle from the Waffle House shooter in Nashville with his bare hands);  guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

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All the patented NRA excuses for doing nothing in response to an increasingly urgent priority for a majority of Americans arrive on schedule after a shooting along with the useless “thoughts and prayers” of Republican politicians too addicted to NRA slush funds to actually take the action that citizens want.

With that in mind, Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick can at least be credited with breaking new ground when it comes to issuing lame excuses for gun violence in schools with his latest comments in the aftermath of the Santa Fe shootings.

Patrick, straining to find any reason not to reverse Texas’s long-standing antipathy to gun regulations, actually had the nerve to blame the design and quantity of the Santa Fe High School’s doors for the number of fatalities in the shooting.


While Fire Marshalls across the country are smacking their heads at the stupidity of an idea that would turn schools into death traps if a fire were to break out, Lt. Governor Patrick’s contortions to place blame on anything other than the too facile availability of weapons of war are just another example of how politicians bought and sold by the gun manufacturing lobby will never do anything to change the existing regulations no matter how many people urge them to do so.

And it makes it all the more important to check the NRA ratings for any politician you’re considering voting for and vote for the candidates that get a failing grade from the merchants of death at the National Rifle Association.

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You can check out Lt. Governor Patrick’s comments for yourself in the video excerpt below.

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