The mayor of Dallas just called out Trump and every Republican in Congress in bold response to Santa Fe shooting


Our nation was greeted today by the grim news that the National Rifle Association and their arms dealer buddies have claimed ten more innocent victims, this time in a Texas high school at the hands of yet another murderer.

Thanks to those brave teenagers from Parkland, the national dialogue on guns has been revitalized, and the responses coming out across the country today are a testament to their hard work.

Lawmakers, like Mayor Mike Rawlings of Dallas, Texas, no longer seem afraid to speak out against the NRA and actually seem to call these mass murders for exactly what they are.

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Check out Rawling’s statement on the shooting today, posted to his Twitter:

“I’m with fellow Texas mayors in Houston this morning talking about the future of our state and we are all crushed to hear the news of yet another mass school shooting. I renew my call for Congress and the president to take substantive action on the mass shooting epidemic in our country. History will not look Kindly upon those elected officials who failed to act in the face of repeated mass murders of our children. Spare us your thoughts and prayers and do your job.”

Seeing him write “epidemic” and to downplay the effectiveness of “thoughts and prayers” is a welcome change to this narrative. There is clearly so much more the country can do to stymie this near-constant tragedy, and now the people who enact the laws to bring those changes are beginning to agree.


The truth is that if Trump really wanted to stop the gun violence epidemic he could easily pass new legislation. He could start by banning assault rifles. His party controls every branch of government. They decide how the nation proceeds. They decide if we finally take action to stop children from getting gunned down every few weeks – which means the blood of these kids is on their hands.

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