May 25, 2022

A school shooter just killed eight people in Texas. President Trump’s response is disgusting

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Another horrific school shooting has rocked the country, this time at Sante Fe High School, which is situated in a town not too far outside downtown Houston.

The Guardian reports that eight people have been killed and several injured. The school has been evacuated and police and first responders are on the scene.

KTRK reports that witnesses told them that a shooter opened fire inside an art class early this morning. Fire alarms went off, and students fled their classes, some of them saying they heard gunshots as they evacuated. The school released a statement on the tragic event:

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“This morning an incident occurred at the high school involving an active shooter. The situation is active, but has been contained. There have been confirmed injuries. Details will be released as we receive updated information. Law enforcement will continue to secure the building and initiate all emergency management protocols to release and move students to another location. All other campuses are operating under their regular schedules.

At this time, students from the high school are being transported by SFISD transportation to the Alamo Gym located at 13306 Highway 6. Parents may reunite with their students at this location.

The district will continue to keep you updated as information is available. Safety and communication are our top priorities.”

An assistant principal has confirmed that the suspected shooter is in custody, according to CNN.

One student, 14-year-old Angelica Martinez recounted her experience to CNN:

“We were all standing, but not even five minutes later, we started hearing gunshots. And then everybody starts running, but like the teachers are telling us to stay put, but we’re all just running away. I didn’t see anybody shooting, but like [the gunshots] were kind of spaced,” Martinez said.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez confirmed on Twitter that one person is in custody while another has been detained. It’s still unclear if there were possibly two shooters involved or if the second detainee is simply a precaution until authorities have all the facts.

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It’s become an oft-repeated refrain after horrible shootings like this, but this is not normal. We don’t have to live in a country that lives in constant fear of gun violence perpetrated by evil men on our children, but nothing is going to change until our leaders take some kind of action to curtail the bloodshed.

President Trump, demonstrating once again that he lacks the ability to provide strength during trying moments, took to Twitter and showed how little he actually cares about these shootings.

“Early reports not looking good,” he said, summarizing 8 deaths in a way that sounded like he was recounting a weather forecast. Of course, he would never come out with a powerful message after something like this, because he’s so beholden to his NRA donors. He and his Republican cronies bear responsibility for refusing to pursue meaningful gun law reform. It’s absolutely shameful.

Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.

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