June 27, 2022

A Republican just angrily barged in on transgender woman in restroom with a camera (WATCH)

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The party of personal liberty is back to fear mongering about the “dangers” of transgender people using the toilets again.


Republican House candidate Jazmina Saavedra accused a transgender woman who was quite literally in the midst of relieving herself in a Denny’s restroom of “invading her privacy” by using the restroom that corresponds with her gender identity. To be clear, Saavedra felt that her privacy was invaded as she filmed someone else in a bathroom stall (video below).

“I’m trying to use the ladies’ room and there is a man here claiming that he is a lady,” Saavedra said in her Facebook Live video.

“You’re invading my privacy,” the transgender woman responded.

“You’re invading my privacy because I’m a woman and I deserve to use the woman, the ladies’ room,” Saavedra retorted.

Not sure that logic is as sound as she might imagine.

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Saavedra is running against Rep. Nanette Barragán in the 2018 midterm election for California’s heavily Democratic 44th District. While Saavedra doesn’t pose much of a threat to Democrats’ chances of holding onto the seat, she does – somehow – manage to further tarnish the GOP’s already decimated image. For a party that prides itself on small government, it certainly has carved out quite the glaring exception for what goes on in bathrooms and doctors’ offices.

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Rep. Barragán, for her part, condemned her “opponent’s” actions, explaining that everyone has a “right to their own identity.”

“I was appalled by the treatment that this woman received for simply trying to use the restroom. Everyone has the right to their own identity, and the right not to be discriminated against for who they are,” Barragán said in a statement to the Daily Beast.

Saavedra may think that this Trumpian brand of intolerance and sensationalism will work, but her stunt is fooling no one, much less those in California. Republicans may want to rethink predicating their entire brand on panicking about toilet bowls because as it stands, they’ve just about flushed away their hopes of any success in November.

Watch the shameful encounter below:

Brian Tyler Cohen

Managing editor

Brian Tyler Cohen is a political writer, actor, and comedy sketch director. He graduated from Lehigh University with a dual degree in English and Business. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

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