May 17, 2022

Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen just ran crying to his friends with a humiliating tantrum

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President Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen is fed up with being at the center of a legal battle that has invaded his personal life, impacted his career, embarrassed him and his family, and made him the subject of nearly constant paparazzi surveillance. 


“I just can’t take this anymore,” Cohen confided to friends recently, according to a report by Vanity Fair’s The Hive. 

Cohen is angry at Michael Avenatti, the attorney who represents porn star Stormy Daniels in a civil suit over the validity of a non-disclosure agreement she signed at Cohen request, but his client, the president, never signed.

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Cohen, two people told The Hive, “has vacillated between fuming over Avenatti’s involvement in the matter and feeling browbeaten by the barrage of headlines.”

“He has told friends that he is being attacked, and his family is being made to suffer, all because investigators are trying to get to the president.”

“’I’m not going to just roll over,’ he has told friends, spending hours each day with his attorneys in order to comb through documents the government has returned to them from their raids last month.”

After the first revelations about Daniels, Cohen was besieged by paparazzi, and then just as they began to leave him alone, the latest revelations exploded and the photographers were back outside his hotel on Park Avene, following him to his lawyer’s office.

Cohen also feels alone. His friends tell him, reports The Hive, “no one in Washington was looking out for him, so he had to be the one to look out for himself and his family. As he watched the news unfold in his hotel room in Philadelphia over the weekend, he evidenced some exasperation.”

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Cohen blames his troubles on those trying to get to the president but the facts are not that simple. It was Cohen who acted as Trump’s “fixer” in the Daniels case, as he had done for years.

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And it was Cohen who solicited huge payments from companies like AT&T and Novartis and a Russian oligarch by promoting his closeness to the president, selling access to power in exchange for huge sums of money. 

It is hard to feel too sorry for Cohen because while he is under siege, he is also the client of other lawyers who told a judge recently in the Daniels case he will plead the Fifth Amendment, which means he will not incriminate himself. 

As Trump himself once said, anyone who takes the Fifth probably is guilty of the crime.

So while Cohen might feel fed up now, he may yet find being fed prison food is even worse.

Benjamin Locke

Benjamin Locke is a retired college professor with an undergraduate degree in Industrial Labor and Relations from Cornell University and an MBA from the European School of Management.

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