December 3, 2022

The NYC Education Department just scolded Betsy DeVos for only visiting rich private schools

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It’s been obvious for a long time now that the administration of Donald Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos are only interested in catering and coddling the wealthy elites which they are members of – but it still boils the blood to see the utter shamelessness with which the two pursue their plutocratic agenda.


The New York City Education Department was utterly mystified after DeVos‘ recent trip to the Big Apple ended without a single visit to a public school

Instead, she decided to visit two Orthodox Jewish private schools, the Yeshiva Darchei Torah and Manhattan High School, where she praised the idea of funding religious indoctrination facilities with taxpayer funds.

“I know very well there are powerful interests that want to deprive families their God-given freedom. I know that those sycophants of ‘the system’ have kept legislators here from enacting a common-sense program that would open options to thousands of kids in need.”

It should come as no surprise that many yeshiva schools in New York City have recently been under fire for failing to provide their students with an adequate secular education.

By “kids in need,” DeVos really means “parents in need of a taxpayer-funded private religious school to send their children to where they won’t have to associate with children of color,” which is what has ended up happening with many of the “school choice” charter school programs that DeVos and other conservatives have been pushing for many years.

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Those programs end with little success for the students but big wins for the ideological agenda of numbskull plutocrats who seek to starve the public school system of funding and keep children, especially those of color, undereducated and deprived of the tools they need to succeed, cultivating a poverty-stricken and perpetually exploitable underclass of labor which they can both consign to wage slavery and use as a political whipping boy in the right-wing’s interminable culture wars.

The New York City Department of Education called her out on her failure to visit a single school in the country’s largest public school system, where 1.1 million kids are taught in 1,800 public schools. In a polite but biting statement Press Secretary Toya Holness said:

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“An investment in public education is an investment in the future of our city and country. Secretary DeVos is welcome to visit N.Y.C. public schools and see the phenomenal work we’re doing in the nation’s largest school district.”

The subtext is clear. DeVos is unashamedly neglecting her duties as Education Secretary and proving just how little she cares about the 81 million kids that go to public school in this country.

An extremist of the worst kind, DeVos bought her office in order to realize her dream of dismantling the separation of church and state and turn our public schools into the barracks for the soldiers of “God’s Kingdom.” Her conduct makes it clear that she has no intention of actually doing her job, and we need to devote all of our efforts to make sure she doesn’t succeed in pushing through her heinous agenda.

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Colin Taylor

Managing Editor

Colin Taylor is the managing editor of the Washington Press. He graduated from Bennington College with a Bachelor's degree in history and political science. He now focuses on advancing the cause of social justice, equality, and universal health care in America.

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