June 29, 2022

Trump’s ex-national security adviser was just hit with federal criminal complaint over Qatari bribe allegations

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President Trump’s convicted former National Security Advisor just got hit with a new federal criminal complaint for allegedly taking a payoff from the Qatari government. (embedded below)


The recent revelations make it clear that Gen. Flynn, who has already been caught failing to register for his lobbying work on behalf of the Turkish government during the 2016 election, has been selling his services to anyone and everyone who will throw money at him.

Now he’s facing a serious federal complaint about him possibly taking cash from Qatar.

Federal law requires people who get paid to set up meetings to register as lobbyists, or if their client is a foreign government under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, and willing failure to register is a felony.

The Resistance Action Committee Fund filed a complaint, which if substantiated could upend Flynn’s plea bargain and cooperation agreement leading to a more serious conviction. Their lawyer J. Whitfield Larrabee says:

“This is more powerful evidence that Donald Trump is selling White House access to foreign powers, which is why needed to contact the Justice Department and the Special Counsel.”

“General Flynn and Michael Cohen are two of Trump’s closest confidants, and their proximity links the President to their dirty deeds.”

Last week, a federal lawsuit filed by Ice Cube and the Big 3 Basketball League exposed the possibility that disgraced former Gen. Flynn took a payoff from Qatari investor Ahmed al-Rumaihi.

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Yesterday, a C-SPAN video revealed that al-Rumaihi visited the Manhattan Trump Tower on Dec. 12th, 2016 during the presidential transition period, in his capacity as a Qatari government official, along with his boss, Qatar’s Foreign Minister Mohammad bin Abdulrahman al-Thani.

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Gen. Flynn was definitely in the offices, lending credence to the circumstances and opportunity to pass a bribe or payoff – which is made all the more convincing by Flynn’s past history of accepting bribes from foreign agents. Russia’s ambassador also visited Trump Tower that day, but avoided the lobby cameras.

Qatar’s government has officially admitted last night that Michael Cohen was involved in the December 12th, 2016 Qatari meeting at Trump Tower, which could redefine the infamous fixer as the family bagman for illicit loot. The New Yorker reports:

Last night, the Daily Mail reported a development in the Michael Cohen saga of seismic scale. In a December 2016 meeting in Trump Tower, the British tabloid reports, Cohen asked Ahmed Al-Rumaihi, who runs a $100 billion Qatari investment fund, to send him “millions” which, the story claims, would go “through him to Trump family members.”

We have already learned of multiple cases of Cohen using his access to Trump to jack up multiple corporations for outrageous sums. The Daily Mail report deepens the trouble in two crucial ways. First, it extends Cohen’s scheme from domestic corporations (or, in one case, domestic corporations controlled by foreign entities) to direct overseas fundraising. Second, and more ominously, it alleges that Cohen funneled the money to Trump’s family. It was bad enough that Trump’s lawyer was enriching himself by cashing in on access. Now the story suggests he was enriching them, transforming the Cohen bribery story into a Trump bribery story.

The Christopher Steele Trump-Russia dossier’s most explosive claims related to the $11 billion oil privatization deal with Rosneft that would yield an estimated $500 million quid pro quo to Trump, attached to lifting US sanctions on Russia.

Qatar bought the shares, and Al-Rumaihi’s boss and business partner Faisal Al-Hamadi (and co-defendant in the lawsuit) is the Head of Asset Management at the QIA, their investment arm.

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Until now, nobody knew if Donald Trump really could broker a deal between Qatar and Russia, but now we know.

Gen. Flynn had a well-known relationship with Russia dating back to his days as the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency and during the election when he infamously had dinner with their President-for-Life, Vladimir Putin.

Trump’s contacts in Qatar – whom we discovered after the Dossier’s arrival included a visit with a previous Foreign Minister looking for loans in 2010 – and they and Flynn’s Russian friends did get together to do an unlikely state-run oil company privatization deal.

Read the entire complaint against Flynn here:

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