February 5, 2023

Trump just admitted he paid off Stormy Daniels. Michael Avenatti’s response is perfect

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In the wake of President Trump’s filing of his 2018 financial disclosure forms, Stormy Daniels’ Attorney Michael Avenatti is crowing over the success of his tactics that forced the president to admit the truth about so many things that he had previously lied to the American public about.


With Trump now forced to admit that he did indeed reimburse Michael Cohen for the $130,000 payment made to adult film performer Stormy Daniels for her non-disclosure agreement, his public statements denying any knowledge of the affair, the payment, or the coverup are proven to be demonstrably false and put the president in legal peril because of his failure to include the payments on previous disclosure forms.

Avenatti went on Twitter to share his response to the publication of Trump’s latest financial disclosure forms.

Avenatti’s revelations about Essential Consultants, LLC, the shell company Cohen utilized to funnel the payment to Daniels and to take millions in payments seeking to influence Trump administration policies, would have probably eventually been disclosed once the Justice Department went through the files and records they seized from Cohen in an FBI raid on his offices and residences.

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The lawyer’s release of the info over Twitter, however, had the result of speeding up the disclosure and forcing Trump’s hand in admitting his reimbursement to avoid violating campaign finance laws that might consider Cohen’s payment an illegal contribution to the Trump campaign.

Avenatti’s portrayal of the deception as purposeful and repeated, as well as accusations of a coverup, ring particularly true about a president who lies on the average of 6.5 times per day, according to the latest tally of Trump’s falsehoods from CNN.

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While the president and his accomplices try to undermine public trust in the mainstream media that reports about his multiple misdeeds, portraying himself as a victim of a media conspiracy to take him down, the facts keep supporting the media and exposing the president’s obvious attempts at gaslighting America.

Hopefully, these latest revelations about Trump’s deceitful con job on the American public will not merely be sloughed off as another incident to be ignored by the majority of the people in the U.S., but will finally lead to some accountability for the president for his illegal actions.

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