February 5, 2023

Trump Jr. just got caught secretly coordinating defense with Russians

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The wobbling stack of lies upon which Donald J. Trump has built his disastrous presidency is bound to come crashing down any day now, and the real question is which weak beam will be the cause of the implosion.


Will it be the president’s bumbling attorney Michael Cohen who botched the payoff to Trump’s alleged porn star mistress so badly that Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti are now on the news undermining the administration every single day?

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Will it be Trump himself and his incessant attempts to obstruct justice and block Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible Russian collusion?

Or will it be Donald Trump Jr., the president’s namesake and an utter ignoramus who somehow manages to be more incompetent than the father? It’s still unclear, but today’s news seems to show Don Jr. pulling ahead in the odds.

Earlier today, the Senate Judiciary Committee released transcripts from Donald Trump Jr.’s private testimony. Included in the document dump was the revelation that the Trump Organization funnelled a specific, prepared statement to a publicist working for the Russians who attended the now-infamous Trump Tower meeting where Trump Jr. attempted to get dirt on Hillary Clinton to help his father’s campaign. 

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The publicist was told what to say to the public by a Trump attorney named Alan Futefas so that the Russians’ account of events would sync up with Donald Trump Jr.’s account that the entire meeting was a “complete waste of time.” The publicist was asked not to say anything more than what was admitted by Trump Jr. The attorney also directly contacted two of the Russians in questions right before the existence of the secret meeting was made public.

“Please consider the following as a statement,” Futerfas wrote to the Russians’ publicist. “Please note that there will always be potential follow-up questions to any statement, but if you feel comfortable with this statement and are comfortable saying nothing more, at least for the time being, that would be our preference. Again, any statement should be accurate as to your very best recollection.”

In other words, the Trump Org secretly worked behind closed doors with Russians to deliberately construct a narrative to mislead the American people. There’s no positive way to spin this story, and it just goes to show once again how willingly the Trump family is to engage in duplicitous behavior. We can’t trust them to even be honest about basic facts, how can we possibly trust them to govern us?

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Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.

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