May 25, 2022

A SNL star just revealed how Trump made the entire cast cringe behind the scenes (WATCH)

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Just about everyone knows that Donald Trump’s biggest fan is Donald Trump. The details of such were put on full display during a Saturday Night Live table read in November of 2015, the details of which were just revealed.

During an interview with Complex, SNL’s Pete Davidson told one example of Trump’s hubris—and how the cast reacted to it.

While sitting down for a table read, Trump allegedly faked a phone call from his book publisher so that he could brag about his book being number one, albeit with decidedly poor acting skills.

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“He was, like, weird all week. He, like, faked a phone call during the table read,” Davidson said.

“He was like, ‘Hello.’ He goes, ‘Fantastic. OK great.’ And then he hung up and he goes, ‘Hey, everybody! My book just went No. 1!’” Davidson said, impersonating Trump. “I swear on my life. We were all, like, ‘Yo, that phone didn’t ring.”

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This is not the first public rift between the cast and the president. Other cast members have been vocal in their distaste with Trump’s visit to the set.

“It was rough. It was not enjoyable at the time and something that only grows more embarrassing and shameful as time goes on,” Taran Killam said last year of Trump’s appearance on the show.

Trump, for his part, has also spoken out against the show’s critical coverage of him to the surprise of no one.

While Trump’s eternal narcissism is known to all, the means to which he will go to market himself are nonetheless as embarrassing as they are inventive.

Brian Tyler Cohen

Managing editor

Brian Tyler Cohen is a political writer, actor, and comedy sketch director. He graduated from Lehigh University with a dual degree in English and Business. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

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