A federal judge just dealt Trump’s campaign manager a devastating legal blow


Despite his best efforts to wiggle his way out of trouble, it looks like former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort will have to spend time in court after all. A federal district court judge rejected his request to toss out five criminal charges against him in special counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing Russia investigation.

The ruling states that Mueller had the right to bring the charges against Manafort. Manafort’s lawyer tried to argue that the charges had nothing to do with Mueller’s ongoing investigation into Russian collusion in the 2016 election, but U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson said otherwise.

“The appointment order here purports to give the Special Counsel power to investigate a specifically identified matter and anything that arises in the course of the investigation, without further consulting or obtaining approval from the Attorney General or Acting Attorney General,” a filing by Manafort’s lawyer read.

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Jackson sided with logic when she said that “the Special Counsel was authorized from the start to investigate the defendant not only for coordinating with the Russian government, but also for violations of law arising out of payments received from the former President of Ukraine.”

No wonder Trump has been so quiet the past few days; all of his allies are losing their cover.

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Salvatore Nicholas

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