February 5, 2023

Melania Trump had major surgery today and Trump is not by her bedside at the hospital

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It almost goes without saying that Donald Trump is the worst husband imaginable. His first two wives got more than their fair share of his despicable behavior, and his current spouse Melania has had to suffer through the revelations of his serial infidelities with porn stars and Playboy models.


Trump didn’t mention the mother of his youngest son Baron at all in his Mother’s Day message yesterday, focusing instead on his own mother, and has admitted that he was too busy to get her a birthday present, despite having a huge White House staff at his disposal that could have been delegated to buy something on his behalf.

Even worse, as it was disclosed today by the first lady’s office that Melania Trump was admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center near Washington, DC for kidney surgery, she went to the hospital alone with her husband nowhere near her side.

The first lady was experiencing a kidney problem that her spokespeople described as benign but that required medical attention, according to CNN. She is expected to be staying in the hospital for several days following the surgery.

With Trump sitting in the White House while his wife undergoes a major operation, one would imagine that the only excuse he could give for not accompanying his wife to the hospital would be a schedule so packed with crucial agenda items of global importance that he simply could not be torn away or the world would fall apart.

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As The List author Amy Siskind reports on Twitter, however, Trump’s day today mostly consisted of “executive time,” according to his officially published schedule.

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The tensions in the presidential marriage have been obvious for quite a while, particularly since the Stormy Daniels affair became public knowledge, with Melania obviously slapping Trump’s hand away any time he tried to reach for it.

Of course, one could make the excuse that with daily revelations of the massive corruption within his administration and the twin threats of the Mueller probe and the Stormy Daniels case, Trump needs to spend any free time he has in consultation with his  attorneys. Perhaps a consultation with a new divorce lawyer would be useful as well.

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