Ana Navarro just broke the internet with fiery response to Trump team joke about McCain


Republican gadfly and cable news political commentator Ana Navarro has just weighed in on the controversy surrounding the Trump administration’s refusal to apologize for the sick joke made by White House aide Kelly Sadler about Senator John McCain’s opinion on the nomination of torture-supervising Gina Haspel.

Sadler said in a White House meeting that the opposition by McCain, a torture victim himself during the Vietnam War now undergoing treatment for an aggressive form of brain cancer, to Haspel’s nomination didn’t matter because “he’s dying anyway.”

Navarro made her feelings about the matter quite clear in a response to CNN’s Jake Tapper’s tweet confirming that the Oval Office was standing by Sadler rather than issuing an apology and was more concerned about the leak of the comment than the substance of the reprehensible comment.

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Navarro calls out the hypocrisy of the supposedly religious people in the Trump administration for attacking comedian Michelle Wolf at this year’s White House Correspondents Dinner for her comments ridiculing the lies issued each day by Trump’s Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders while ignoring the substantially crueler “humor” being propagated by the amateur comics on the president’s staff.


That Navarro is singling out Huckabee Sanders for her duplicity on the issue is clear from the reference to “pearl-clutching Christians,” a signature accessory for the White House Press Secretary.

With the cowardly White House Correspondents’ Association already having announced that they are reconsidering their entertainment options for next year’s dinner because of the manufactured outrage over Wolf’s biting comic routine, Navarro’s tongue in cheek nomination of Kelly Sadler as host of the dinner may not be as far-fetched as it seems.

Better yet, have Trump himself host the dinner since if it’s heartless insults that the Association is considering in its talent selection, Trump has proven to be the unquestioned master of the art form.

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He insults journalists every day by labeling their hard work researching and reporting the many misdeeds of this administration as “Fake News.” He insults the intelligence of the American people every day with his litany of lies and his damagingly misguided policies. He insults the leaders of our closest allies by ignoring their concerns over issues such as the Iran nuclear deal and the Paris climate accord.

By Navarro’s standards, Trump would be the perfect host for the dinner. Unfortunately, it’s the only job that he’s perfect for.

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