February 4, 2023

Oakland citizens just got the best revenge on racist woman who called cops over BBQ (WATCH)

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The nation was appalled by the recent viral video featuring a white woman calling the police to complain about a black family barbecuing in an Oakland, California park, considering it just the latest example of a racist reporting people for the crime of living while black.


This week, members of the Oakland community came out to the same park at Lake Merritt in Oakland to show how they feel about the incident, protesting the incident in the best way imaginable, by throwing a huge barbecue party.

A diverse crowd gathered at the lake and played music, danced, let the kids play, and did all the things that the park is intended for, including setting up the grill to get the hot dogs, burgers, and soy-based alternatives ready for an outdoor feast.

Twitter user The Black Politico posted a tweet with video from the combination protest and celebration.

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As for the racist woman who made the original call to the police claiming that the black family was violating park regulations by using a charcoal grill, it’s a shame that she didn’t return to the park to see how it’s meant to be utilized.

Indeed, the best revenge for a racist incident is providing proof that people of all colors and ethnicities can live together, party together, and barbecue together in peace and harmony.

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The best thing is that nobody in the Trump administration can stop us from doing the right thing by being good people and spreading love instead of hate. No matter how hard they try to divide us, it’s best to remember the venerable revolutionary slogan “the people united will never be defeated.”

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