June 27, 2022

Organizers for the 2020 Republican National Convention just ran into a humiliating roadblock

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It looks like the Republican National Committee is having a hard time finding a city that actually wants to host the 2020 Republican Convention, according to The Hill.


The fact that Trump insists that he’ll still be around to try for a second term isn’t a factor in the reasons cited by the cities turning down the opportunity to host thousands of morally bankrupt and corrupt politicians as they spend beaucoup bucks to nominate their presidential candidate.

Instead, they point to massive security costs, traffic disruptions, and interference with day to day business as the decisive factors in sitting this convention out.

However, even some Republican political analysts are saying that the potential presence of President Trump is the real reason many cities are avoiding the contest to host the convention like a rotting carcass on the side of the road.

“Most of the cities that have turned down the RNC are Democratic cities,” a New York-based Republican strategist, Evan Siegfried, said.

“Their leaders do not want to suffer blowback with their residents for hosting Trump and neither do they want to have local business owners angry because protestors smashed their store windows.”

Conventions always attract protestors like flies to honey, but any event featuring Donald Trump will be a siren song to angry mobs who are outraged by the destruction of the norms of government and civilized discourse under his administration. The next Republican convention is likely to resemble the opening bell at Walmart on Black Friday.

Any city planning to host a colossal event such as a political convention would have to take into account security, protests, and disruption.

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“Unlike most corporate site selections, conventions bring armies of protestors — virtually a complete menu of side evens with their own security and traffic demands,” said Adam Bruns, managing editor at Site Selection magazine.

According to The Hill, only three cities are still in consideration for the GOP convention, with only one, Charlotte, North Carolina willing to publicly admit interest in the event.

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Nashville, Philadelphia, San Antonio, and Las Vegas have all pulled out of the running.

“They’re a little bit worried about costs and they’re a little bit worried about demonstrations,” said Ron Kaufman, head of the RNC’s site selection committee. “It’s getting harder and harder to find venues that can be tied up for as long as it takes for a modern convention to take place. That’s a problem.”

While Republicans struggle to find a city willing to host them, Democrats have eight cities in the running to host their convention, which promises to be a Trump-free zone for its entirety.

If the GOP still can’t find the right domestic venue for their quadrennial get-together, there’s always Moscow. Trump reportedly can get the party a good deal there.

Oh wait, he already did.

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