May 25, 2022

Jimmy Kimmel just showed what a Trump Nobel Peace Prize ceremony would look like in epic sketch [WATCH]

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Jimmy Kimmel is an American treasure.

He cemented his spot in the political zeitgeist in the summer of 2017 as Republicans worked tirelessly to undermine the Affordable Care Act and strip healthcare away from millions. At the time, Kimmel spoke openly of his infant son’s life threatening condition, which he could only afford to cover because of his own affluence.

As he continued to rail against one of Trump’s biggest campaign promises, he became a nemesis of the orange tyrant, and has since constantly put forth hysterical political content grinding the president into an irrelevant pulp.

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In a hysterical segment last night, Kimmel poked fun at Trump’s chest-thumping celebration as the three American detainees from North Korea finally made their way home to American soil. He began the segment tossing jabs at Trump’s hubris, as well as the way he turned one detainee’s gestured peace sign into an uncomfortable handshake, at which point he quipped, “The hostages were said be relieved to be free, happy to be home, and baffled as to why the host of The Celebrity Apprentice picked them up at the airport.”

Trump subsequently took to the mic to further praise himself for the historic moment, and Kimmel was quick to pounce on Trump’s strange celebration of their 3:00 AM ratings success, and his cozy thanks to Kim Jong Un for “treating them well.”

Right, outside of the whole kidnapping and holding them against their will for a nothing thing he was very hospitable.”

But the real fun begins as Kimmel imagines what a potential Nobel laureate ceremony would look like with Trump as one of the nominees.

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The segment cuts to a host approaching a podium and announcing the first two “nominees”:

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“Dr. Zanzu Mbotswailu for his tireless work aiding and treating the wounded in Sudanese refugee camps.

“Mayor Judapur Vishisana for his efforts to restore order and bring releif to victims in the poorest communities devastated by the 2018 Indonesian flood.

“And, president Donald J. Trump.”

She espouses no accolades for the big-mouth, but the visuals cut to a hysterical montage a la 90’s-era WWE wrestler introductions, featuring a heavy metal guitar riff and some of the president’s worst gaffs, from the infamous “grab her by the p***y” to the equally infamous “fire and fury” comment directed at his new buddy Kim Jong Un.

“Congratulations to all the nominees,” she finishes. “God has forsaken us.”

Watch the full segment below, or jump to 4:18 to Nobel Prize skit:

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Salvatore Nicholas

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