Trump just publicly celebrated torture at tonight’s Indiana campaign rally (WATCH)


Donald Trump is bad at most things he attempts, but he is decent at one thing: subversion.

Republicans have long managed the art of the rebrand, like when they took the Affordable Care Act and made it “Obamacare,” forever tying the law with the president who enacted it (a move that ultimately backfired as the law enjoys record favorability).

Today’s rebrand is especially dark, as at a campaign rally in Indiana he referred to torture as “enhanced vetting.”

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This will undoubtedly become the new talking point for Fox News amid the chaotic hearings for Trump’s pick to lead the CIA, torture-happy Gina Haspel.

All day long, Republicans dished out a slew of questionable comments, from a Fox Business segment where a contributor called John McCain ‘songbird John’ and accused him of being a traitor, to the leaked comment from White House aide Kelly Sadler who said McCain was “dying anyway,” suggesting his opposition to Haspel didn’t matter.

This is the kind of rhetoric Trump feeds on the daily, considering the only support he has left is from his fact-resistant base. He can only get the love from them he craves when he can illicit fear and stoke the flames of hatred.


Think Progress’ Adam Rupar posted the clip to his Twitter, available below (also, give him a follow because he’s one of those people who watches Fox News and breaks it down so you don’t have to):

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