March 25, 2023

Hillary Clinton just humiliated Trump in scathing tweetstorm over Iran deal withdrawal

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In a blatant effort to take an axe to Barack Obama’s legacy, Trump announced today that the United States would be reinstating sanctions on Iran, nearly guaranteeing a full scuttling of the Iran nuclear peace deal and eliminating any incentive for the Iranians to quash their nuclear weapons program. And as if it should come as a surprise, he did so without providing any evidence proving that Iran had violated the deal.

Trump’s entire agenda has been predicated on the erasure of President Obama’s legacy, and today his nihilism took its most dangerous turn to date. The abandoning of the deal makes war more likely, and also destroys our global credibility. Future presidents will find it difficult to create international consensus since now the entire world knows we are only ever just one bad election away from a vindictive madman assuming power and torpedoing everything built by whoever came before him.

Former Democratic presidential candidate and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who worked on the Iran deal, took to Twitter to lambast Trump for his dangerous, misguided move devoid of any strategy or foresight.

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Clinton further references Obama’s statement, which explained that the Iran Deal (officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) is working, despite Trump’s insistence to the contrary.

Obama also rightfully pointed out that betraying the Iran deal makes the path to North Korean denuclearization much harder. Right when it looks like the Kim regime might finally come to the table and disarm, Trump is sending a message that the United States cannot be trusted to honor its agreements.

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President Obama also used facts and numbers to explain exactly how and why the JCPOA is working, offering a level-headed antidote to our current anti-facts leader.

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Between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, America caught a rare glimpse of rational, grounded leadership by actual adults, as opposed to foolish whims of a petulant manchild trying to keep his head above water amid investigations into his affairs with porn stars, funneling money through shell corporations, committing possible bank fraud and campaign finance violations, and colluding with Russia to influence the outcome of the 2016 election.

The world got a lot less safe today, and per usual, Donald Trump’s ego is to blame.

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Brian Tyler Cohen

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