Giuliani just issued Trump’s response to bombshell pay-for-play scandal


Having embarrassed himself with his manic cable TV news appearances on behalf of President Trump last week, after which Trump was forced to apologize for his new attorney’s shallow grasp of the story he was supposed to tell, Rudy Giuliani was back in the news today denying that his presidential client knew anything about his personal attorney Michael Cohen’s private business dealings.

Giuliani told Bloomberg News that “the president was unaware of this,” referring to the news that Cohen had received payments from AT&T, Novartis, and Columbus Nova, a firm linked to Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg.

“The president is not involved in any respect. It’s a dead issue as far as I’m concerned.”

The payments to Cohen by his business clients were funneled through the same company, Essential Consultants LLC, that was used to pay the $130,000 that went to Stormy Daniels for signing the non-disclosure agreement about her getting down and dirty with Trump.

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Daniels’ fight to nullify the agreement led to the lawsuit that has eventually brought all of the new insight into the behind the scenes financial machinations that Cohen has been involved in.

According to Bloomberg, Giuliani talked with Trump about the payments last night and told the news organization that “neither he nor the president know why Cohen received them.”

Giuliani refused to comment on Trump’s feelings about his personal attorney’s other clients, saying:


“From our point of view, we have no reason to be concerned about it or to pursue it any further.”

Putting on a brave face may be the best public relations move the president can muster at this point, but consider this headline from Rolling Stone if you want to get an idea of how the White House is really reacting to the financial secrets of the president’s fixer being revealed:

“Trump Is Already Freaking Out About the New Cohen Allegations.”

Now which of those takes on the situation seems more likely to you?

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