March 25, 2023

A new Playboy model just revealed how she was forced to watch Trump cheat on pregnant fiancee

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Ever since Trump stunned the world and captured the White House in 2016, various conspiracy theories attempting to explain the phenomenon have emerged. One of the most hysterical of all is that Trump never intended, much less expected, to win, and simply wanted to use the 2016 election as a chance to increase the value of his real estate holdings and his celebrity.

While that seems like an outlandish publicity stunt too excessive even for the likes of Donald Trump, the skeletons that continue to pour from his walk-in closet lend more and more credence to the theory.

That’s right – another playmate of the famed Playboy publication has come forward and described a scene certain to keep psychotherapists comfortably employed for generations to come.

Supposedly, a few short months after she starred in the Miss May 1993 spread, Elke Jeinsen watched Trump fornicate with her best friend in the master bedroom of Trump’s penthouse in Trump Tower.

The Daily Mail reported the latest bit of evidence proving the 45th Commander-in-Chief is nothing but a gluttonous adulterous pig, as it retold Jeinsen’s account of Trump’s ’93 affair with Miss December 1992 Barbara Moore in lurid detail. Jeinsen recalled:

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“We were talking, laughing, drinking, sitting on his bed and then he started to undress Barbara and make out with her. She was beautiful and he was totally into her and he helped undress her. I was sitting there half undressed, not naked but in lingerie, and then they started kissing and making out. I was not included in the sex, but I was included in the conversation beforehand so it was strange for me.

At this point in Trump’s presidency, news like this almost feels normal, a credit to Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ unwavering ability to deflect any criticism of Trump’s behavior, be it past, present, or future.

This particular revelation does have one major difference from other tales of Trump’s sexual indiscretions – supposedly, lumpy real-estate tycoon loved Barbara Moore and desired to be with her. Jeinsen told the Daily Mail she witnessed the consummation of their love:

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“He was very charming and I think she had a crush on him and she was a little bit in love with him and I definitely know he was in love with her too. So after I saw them having sex together I knew that for sure.”

Of course, “love” might be a little strong, considering Trump was engaged to the pregnant Marla Maples at the time of this affair – and that he told every single woman he cheats on his wives with that he loves them. There might be another explanation for Jeinsen’s cuddlier memories of the president – she, herself, is of the #MAGA mindset:

To be honest with you, I voted for Donald Trump. I’m a fan of Donald Trump, I like him.

Let’s hope someone in the White House press corps asks Sanders about this tomorrow. The way she chooses to handle an admitted Trump fan acknowledging and openly discussing the details of an affair she witnessed will be popcorn-worthy for sure.

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Salvatore Nicholas

Salvatore is a producer, political writer, comedian and LGBTQ activist (in no particular order). He resides in Los Angeles with his two cats and encyclopedic knowledge of Britney's discography.

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