May 25, 2022

Fox News host just read disgusting comments slamming his critique of Trump live on air (WATCH

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It was a rare moment on Fox News the other day when anchor Neil Cavuto departed from the typical formula of drenching President Trump with praise and spreading his lies like manure on a field to actually warn the president that his relentlessly shifting account of the circumstances surrounding the $130,000 payment to erotic film actress Stormy Daniels was “muddying the waters” of the controversy.

Cavuto went on to blame the president himself for creating the problem that he finds himself facing through his own words, saying:

“I guess you’re too busy draining the swamp to ever stop and smell the stink that you’re creating. That’s your doing. That’s your stink. Mr. President, that’s your swamp.”

The cognitive dissonance generated by the public admission that Trump may have done something negative coming out of their TV speakers caused many Fox News viewers to take to social media to express their displeasure with the normally reliably pro-Trump newsreader.

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Being attacked by his own viewers for pointing out the obvious incongruence between the president’s own various statements on the matter annoyed Cavuto sufficiently that he decided to exact a form of revenge on those reflexively defensive Trump defenders who savaged him on Facebook and Twitter by reading some of the choicest comments on-air during his time slot.

“Neil you proved today that you are a leftist liberal and a moron. I will no longer listen to your show. Ciao!” one angry viewer wrote.

“You just lost millions of Trump supporters today with your little rant on your president today Neil,” another said. “Enjoy your low ratings!”

“We all know Trump isn’t perfect but damn. Way to pile on,” one of the more reasonable responders wrote. “Maybe we should go back and examine every word that comes out of your mouth.”

Cavuto seems genuinely amused by the outrage of his doctrinaire Trump apologists if a bit put off by those name-calling comments describing his physical appearance. (Imagine what the female newscasters have to put up with Neil.)

He used the showcase of negative responses to his earlier commentary as an opportunity to call for exactly the kind of accountability for statements made that his angry viewers expect from him yet give the president a pass on.

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“I’m not here to provide lessons, just facts. Just like I’ve always said, words matter, and yes, tweets matter,” Cavuto said. “All I’m saying is the president should be very careful calling anyone else being fake.”

Cavuto knows that what’s good for the goose is good for the president too. Now up to 6.5 lies a day according to CNN, Trump’s credibility with everyone except the kind of blindly loyal Fox News viewers that he usually addresses his volley of misstatements towards has sunk to record lows.

Perhaps shooting the messenger feels good to the NRA-supporting Fox News audience, but it doesn’t change the facts behind the message. Facts are so rarely seen on Fox News, however, that their viewers are bound to feel uneasy in the presence of such an unusual and unfamiliar occurrence.

You can watch Fox News’ Neil Cavuto respond to his critics in the video clip below.

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