May 21, 2022

A top Republican Congressman just slammed Huckabee Sanders for her constant lying

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White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the only person in the country who might be a bigger liar than the president himself, and some Republicans are beginning to see that.


One of those Republicans is Congressman Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania, one of the many conservative lawmakers fleeing in frustration over the havoc Trump has wrought inside the GOP. He chatted with CNN about the bonkers interview Trump’s latest hire Rudy Giuliani gave to Fox News last night.

Dent stated he believes Giuliani, pointing out that if there is validity to Giuliani’s admission, it directly contradicts past statements made by both Sanders and the president.

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“Well, it’s clear that someone wasn’t telling the truth, either Sarah Huckabee Sanders or the president. I believe what Rudy Giuliani said last night — that Michael Cohen was reimbursed by the president for this hush payment.”

Dent pressed on, aghast at Sanders’ continued deconstruction of facts  in order to distort reality to cover for the Oval Office’s resident buffoon:

“I guess at some point you have to ask the question, how does Sarah Huckabee Sanders go to work every day if she was sent out there to mislead the American people?”

The “hush payment” to which he previously referred is the now-infamous $130,000 bribe paid to adult film star Stephanie “Stormy Daniels” Clifford. Clifford had reportedly desired to come forward with her story of the affair she allegedly had with then-candidate Trump prior to the 2016 election.

Instead, Clifford was approached by Michael Cohen, Trump’s shamed former attorney, offering her the hefty sum in exchange for her silence.

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When news of the $130,000 initially went public, the White House hastily denied Trump’s involvement in the payment and instead sacrificed Cohen to fall on his sword for the president, claiming he was not reimbursed for it.

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Giuliani, however, popped into Fox News yesterday to completely pull back the veil over that lie and doubled down with The Washington Post not long after. “The president was always going to make sure he got it back, and enough money to pay the taxes,” he told the publication.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders told a different version of the story back in March, when she responded, “not that I’m aware of,” to reporter’s questions about the agreement.

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Trump’s own account of his knowledge of the agreement has also been negated thanks to Giuliani. Last month, Trump stood on board Air Force One and insisted he didn’t know where Cohen had gotten the $130,000. He even went so far as to deny knowledge of the agreement, telling a reporter, “no,” when asked.

Republicans were quick to trash Michelle Wolf for making this exact point, that Huckabee Sanders lies constantly. Though they still owe her an immense apology, at least some are beginning to see the validity in her poignant assessment.

For now, watch Dent’s remarks on Sanders’ penchant for lying below:

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