June 27, 2022

Elizabeth Warren just issued an epic birthday message to The Rock

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Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has a secret crush that many people may not know about.


The Massachusetts Senator is perhaps best known as a tireless fighter for the average person in the face of a cabal of financial institutions who nearly brought down the economy during the George W. Bush administration.  Her closest associates, however, know that one of her biggest passions outside of the Senate and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that she founded during the Obama administration is her love for the HBO series Ballers and its charismatic star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

The Massachusetts Senator showed her love for her favorite screen heartthrob in a congratulatory birthday tweet today for the whole world to see, complete with a picture of an autographed copy of the script for the pilot of the program sent by Johnson and signed by him and the rest of the cast.

Johnson himself has been well aware that the Senator is a fan.  He’s been shouting out to her on Twitter ever since he found out that she and her husband were fans of his show.


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Senator Warren responded to Johnson’s intitial tweet with a response that indicated that she knew exactly when the next season of Ballers was scheduled to premiere and that she was closely following the plotline.

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That exchange prompted political comedian Samantha Bee to present the senator with a life-sized cutout of Johnson as his wrestling persona The Rock when Warren appeared on her show last summer.  Since then, fans have  wondered when the two were finally going to met in person.

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The Rock saw that tweet and had to let Warren know how much he appreciated her being a fan of his show.


With this long distance mutual appreciation society digital gushing between the Senator and the actor apparently flourishing, one can imagine that Johnson, who has expressed an interest in one day running for office, could eventually be part of a Democratic dream ticket featuring Warren and himself.

Unfortunately, such a ticket would deprive Senator Warren of one of her favorite TV shows, so perhaps it’s not such a good idea after all.

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Vinnie Longobardo

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