July 7, 2022

“Morning” Joe Scarborough just publicly slammed Mike Pence for honoring Joe Arpaio

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Joe Scarborough’s Republican roots are barely showing these days since the former Congressman (and a former good buddy with a pre-presidential Donald Trump) became a reliable adversary towards the president.


Now his natural instinct is to erupt vociferously when he learns of the latest debacle slithering out of the Trump administration.

The host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe must have reached Vesuvius levels when he saw this tweet from NBC News describing  Mike Pence’s address at a tax policy event in Arizona today.

Now granted, tax policy events are usually not the most exciting things to sit through, even if they are the place where the paid minions of the ultra-wealthy oligarchs who really rule our nation go to conspire to defund the government coffers even further and cut the benefits available for the peasants.

So the most exciting thing that NBC News could find at this particular event to tweet about was the effusive greeting the vice-president offered to the recently pardoned criminal, and current candidate for Republican Senatorial nomination, disgraced ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio.

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Pence’s warm welcome and the “tireless champion” line shook the foundations of Scarborough’s explosive outrage meter and ruptured his calm surface. He needed to respond with the force of a volcano to cut through this level of putrid posterior puckering. Once the top was blown, this tweet emerged.

“Even Arizona Republicans know this man undermines the most basic of American values”!?!? Now that’s a lava level burn.

It’s a long way from the halls of Congress and its GOP caucus that Scarborough has travelled. Little did he imagine that in his newer role as a broadcaster he would be prompted to emulate Mt. St. Helens with such similitude.

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