May 25, 2022

A Parkland shooting survivor just gave a brilliant response to NRA’s promotion of “cell phone gun”

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The National Rifle Association (NRA) stooped to new deaths of depravity when it began promoting a startling new gun designed to look like a cell phone. 

Seriously, look at this thing:

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Thankfully, sanity exists beyond the bubble of the NRA’s stranglehold, and Parkland shooting survivor Jaclyn Corin slammed the NRA’s decision to push the ridiculously named “Ideal Conceal”.

The #MarchforOurLives movement has stayed consistently intersectional, and Corin’s bulleted brush with the NRA is no exception.

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“1. Even more people will be targeted by law enforcement b/c they “look” like they’re carrying a weapon, especially POC

2. The NRA continuously advertises with human figures as targets, enforcing the normality of shooting other people…”

Her tweet also includes a link to the NRA’s promotional page, which excitedly advertises the “Ideal Conceal’s” ability to blend in when carried.

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Smartphones are EVERYWHERE, so your new pistol will easily blend in with today’s environment. In its locked position it will be virtually undetectable because it hides in plain sight.”

It’s difficult to read the second sentence without a shiver, as “virtually undetectable” is not exactly a phrase that comfortably pairs with a weapon.  The only purpose this particular design seems to serve is a scapegoat for the unchecked murders of young black men plaguing this country.

Corin’s apt critique calls back to the murder of Stephon Clark, a black man gunned down by Sacramento police because they believed the cell phone he was holding was a gun.

Or when a former NFL player was still forcefully slammed to the ground after police mistook his cellphone for a gun:

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By contrast, the young white male shooter who terrorized Corin and the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on the Valentine’s Day shooting in Parkland, Florida, was arrested peacefully and is currently safely awaiting trial.

The irony of the NRA supporting this particular device is that the domestic terror organization recently banned firearms from their upcoming annual meeting as a safety concern for President Trump and Vice President Pence, as both men are slated to speak at the event.

So, the same NRA that wants the country to embrace a firearm capable of “blending in” with its surroundings, legitimizing the “gun panic” defense of police officers in the murder of POC, and insists that only a “good guy with a gun” can stop a “bad guy with a gun” thinks that guns are not a safe accessory at a meeting about guns in defense of the second amendment because someone could shoot the president.

Thankfully, Corin and her fellow activists are holding the NRA accountable for its glaring hypocrisy and dangerous actions.

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Salvatore Nicholas

Salvatore is a producer, political writer, comedian and LGBTQ activist (in no particular order). He resides in Los Angeles with his two cats and encyclopedic knowledge of Britney's discography.

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