September 28, 2022

A Christian pastor just broke the internet with a scathing open letter to Huckabee Sanders and Trump

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With “thou shalt not lie” on the top 10 list of commandments for centuries now, you would think that more evangelicals would be holding the Trump administration’s feet to the burning bush for their sins of conducting illicit and intimate relationships with mistruth.


Yet the majority of evangelical pastors get more incensed over the right to bear arms than oppose the bearing of false witness, at least by members of the Trump administration

Not John Pavlovitz. The progressive evangelical pastor and author is one of the few men of the cloth who interprets the New Testament in the spirit of the Christian teachings it contains, rather than molding the biblical contents into fodder for their own worldly aims.

Pavlovitz’s latest post on his popular website addresses the controversy surrounding comedian Michelle Wolf’s routine at the White House Correspondents Dinner and what some members of the press saw as her outrageously rude remarks towards White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Ignoring the erroneous claims that Wolf attacked the appearance of the woman who oversees the daily White House Press briefing, Pavlovitz makes his inspirational comments in the form of an open letter to Sanders.

Pavlovitz then goes on to detail the many contradictions that any professed Christian should rightfully consider when they work in the service of someone whose behavior is the very antithesis of every value that Jesus espoused.

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As a spiritual advisor, Pavlovitz understands the difficulty of flawed human beings living up to the standards of truly Christian, turn the other cheek, behavior, but emphasizes that Sanders’ work on behalf of Trump goes beyond merely the occasional lapse in sainthood-worthy demeanor.

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He then details his feelings as he watches Sanders execute her duties in a very non-Christian manner.

Pavlovitz then wonders whether the cognitive dissonance of her work registers in Sanders’ mind.

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Then he puts forth the proposition that perhaps they are praying to different gods.


If Sanders really believes in this bizarro world Christ, Pavlovitz congratulates her for the fantastic job she’s doing advancing his agenda. However, he points out the problems with that interpretation of the scriptures.

The progressive preacher then turns the conversation back to the White House Correspondents Dinner.

We imagine that John Pavlovitz is proud of writing this open letter to Sarah Huckabee Sanders. He should be.

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