Trump’s White House physician Ronny Jackson just made an unexpected career announcement


The doctor is out.

According to a report on Politico this afternoon, two unnamed White House senior officials have confirmed that White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson will not be continuing in his role as President Trump’s personal doctor after the withdrawal of his nomination as head of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Jackson, a Navy rear admiral, withdrew from consideration for the Veterans Affairs position after Senator Jon Tester (D-MT), the leading Democrat on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, issued a document detailing allegations by current and former colleagues on the White House medical staff that Jackson was overly generous with prescription pills, drank alcohol on the job, and oversaw what they described as a hostile work environment.

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President Trump was defiant amid the allegations and, despite the withdrawal of Jackson’s nomination in the face of imminent rejection from a bipartisan group of committee members, called for Senator Tester to resign, claiming that the allegations against Jackson, much like the multitude of allegations against the president himself, were unproven.

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The president’s affinity for the now-former White House physician stems from the effusive praise the doctor gave when reporting on the results of Trump’s annual physical, with Jackson lauding the president’s good genes and claiming that with a better diet he could live to be 200, a thought that immediately caused half the nation to vomit slightly in their mouths.


With Jackson’s departure from the White House, Sean Conley, another Navy officer who filled in for Jackson as the president’s personal doctor last month when the Veterans Affairs nomination was first announced, will stay on in the new role, the officials told Politico.

To date, no new nominee to head up the Veterans administration has been named to replace Jackson and the fired former Secretary David Shulkin whom he was set to succeed despite a complete lack of experience in running an organization the size of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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