Trump just took an unprovoked swipe at Obama in self-congratulatory tweet


True to form, Trump took to Twitter not only to congratulate himself, but attempt to demean his predecessor at the same time. Of course, also true to form, he failed on both fronts.

The definitely-not-insecure president touted his approval rating from a very unspecific (and bizarrely capitalized) “recent Poll” as being “much higher than President O at same time.”

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However, an aggregate of all polling paints a very different picture.


Per FiveThirtyEight, Trump owns an average 40.4% approval rating with a 54% disapproval rating. His net approval, then, is a dismal -13.6%.

Per Real Clear Politics, Obama’s approval rating at this point in his presidency, April 28, 2010, was 47.9% while his disapproval was 45.7%. That is a net approval rating of 2.2%.

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Trump’s obsession with his predecessor and his penchant to lie show no signs of letting up. While he may be satisfied pandering to his dwindling base, the rest of the country has had enough of this endless barrage of disinformation that a simple fact check could solve.

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