Kanye West just called Emma González his hero. Her response broke the internet


With hip-hop star Kanye West on a publicity blitz for his latest release that he’s disguised as an assault of contrarian political commentary, his return to Twitter has meant that he’s been dropping his opinions left and right on all kinds of subjects.

Last night, Kanye turned his attention to Emma González‏, one of the most visible activists among the survivors of the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, sending out a tweet calling her “my hero”.

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He then tweeted a photo of himself with the caption “inspired by Emma,” although it was unclear whether he was referring to his spirit or his shaved head.


Emma González‏, for her part, responded with a tweet featuring her own hero, and not surprisingly, it had nothing to do with Kanye West.

González‏‘s admiration for Mr. Shaw stems not just from his role in wresting the gun from the killer in last week’s Waffle House shooting near Nashville but from his donation of nearly $200,000 of money he raised on in a GoFundMe campaign for the families of the victims of that deadly assault.

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This time at least, Kanye has chosen an appropriate person to admire, one who knows what real heroes look and act like.

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