May 20, 2022

Trump just took full credit for Korean peace accord at campaign rally (WATCH)

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You knew that this was going to happen.


President Trump, back in full campaign mode, holding a rally for those people in Michigan too uninformed to realize the con he’s pulling on the nation, took full credit for the peace negotiations currently taking place on the Korean peninsula.

No matter that the president’s belligerent tweets towards North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un brought us to the brink of nuclear war.

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Forget that the real reason that the North Koreans announced their cessation of further nuclear weapons testing has more to do with the destruction of their nuclear test site than any threats from Trump.

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Ignore the fact that the current president of South Korea Moon Jae-In was elected on a platform of reviving the “Sunshine Policy” of holding direct talks and restarting economic cooperation projects with their northern neighbor.

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No, it was Trump and Trump only who, by annoying Kim Jong-Un to the point of provoking him to call Trump a “deranged U.S. dotard,” intimidated the North Korean leader into agreeing to peace talks.

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It was Trump who with his credible projection of instability and utter lack of concern about any lives besides his own inspired the leaders of both countries on the Korean peninsula to hold talks without his participation.

One thing is certain, Trump’s lack of involvement is the first step toward success in any venture. With no agreement set in stone yet, however, be on the lookout for whatever move the president will make next to undermine the talks and derail any chance of a formal peace accord and denuclearization. Trump is nothing if not predictable, and his ability to destroy everything he touches is not to be underestimated.

You can watch the president take sole credit for the Korean peace talks in the video clip below.

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