June 29, 2022

Bill Maher just went mega-viral with an epic ‘open letter’ to Roseanne (WATCH)

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For the last 20 years, there’s been few more incendiary celebrity political critics than Roseanne Barr. Whether it was her piercing, often disturbing parodies, or her unmistakably liberal comedy, or her blunt attacks on politicians and the wealthy, she’s spent most of her carer as a reliable voice of the common man.  There was Michael Moore, Roseanne, and then pretty much everybody else.


And then Donald Trump decided to run for President, and suddenly she found herself alone among her former compatriots in Hollywood.

When confronted with this discrepancy recently by late night host Jimmy Kimmel, Roseanne said, “I’m still the same, you all moved. You all went so fucking far out, you lost everything.”

Since the blockbuster relaunch of her sitcom earlier this year – and the reboot of the show’s eponymous star character, Roseanne Connor, as a loud and proud Trump supporter – she’s been on the receiving end of praise from the right, and vitriol from the left.

Bill Maher, a long time friend of Roseanne’s from their early days doing stand-up comedy in dive bars and strip clubs, has mostly stayed on the sidelines.  Until now.  In an unprecedented move for him, he dedicated the lion’s share of the high-profile “New Rules” segment of his weekly HBO Show Real Time with Bill Maher to reading an “open letter” to Roseanne, pleading with her to admit her mistake in supporting Trump.

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He began by recounting Roseanne’s own comments she’d given over the years that clearly defined her leftist politics.

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“You’re a socialist!” Maher exclaimed. “You’ve been one for 30 years!  You once said ‘all of my ideas are based in socialism.’ How does that intersect with Trump?” he asked

“All his ideas are based on national socialism,” he added, before delivering his real punchline: “I’m kidding, Trump doesn’t have any ideas.”

Later, he zeroed-in on the pro-Trump politics of the show’s character that she portrays, and decimated the hypocrisy of it all.

“The top 1% walked away with 83% of the benefits,” he said.  “The elites he rails against on Twitter got billions for ever, and Roseanne Connor got peanuts with an expiration date.”

“Trump talked tough to the pharmaceutical companies,”  Maher added.  “He said ‘we’re going to get drug prices so far lower than they are now your head will spin.'”

“Is your head spinning, Roseanne?” he asked smugly.  “In the first scene of your new show, you and your husband are trading your meds because you can’t afford all the ones you need – because Trump sold out to Big Pharma and sabotaged ObamaCare, the program designed exactly for people like the Connor Family.”

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Maher hasn’t lost all hope for the comedian, or the character, leaving her a way out of this bizarro-world we’re all living in, apparently.

“If in the next six months you don’t see Trump’s magic starting to work for you, you’re still trading pills and driving an Uber, wouldn’t the more realistic plot line for season two be your disillusionment with Trump?” he asked, to thunderous applause.

“There’s no shame in it,” he concluded. “You saw a miracle product on TV, and you ordered it.  You impulse-purchased a Trump.”

You can watch the entire segment of Real Time with Bill Maher below:


Peter Mellado

Peter Mellado is a writer, producer, and a branding and messaging specialist with over 15 years experience. He studied history at San Jose State University, and resides in Los Angeles.

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