August 11, 2022

The feds just pounced on Trump after his incriminating “Fox & Friends” morning rant

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The president decided to start his morning by reminding the entire world just how unstable he really is. Trump called into his favorite television show Fox & Friends and unleashed a paranoid, rambling rant so clearly unhinged that even the sycophantic, propaganda-peddling hosts were visually uncomfortable.


Rather than attending to his myriad presidential responsibilities, Trump bragged about his electoral win, using it as an opportunity to bash the “fake news” that said he wouldn’t be able to win the presidency. He jumped from one topic to another, transitioning from admitting that he didn’t get First Lady Melania Trump a birthday present, to talk about Iran, to the “witch hunt” he’s convinced he’s a victim of, to North Korea, to his lawyer Michael Cohen.

At one point host Brian Kilmeade — one of the most obsequious Trump toadies currently on air — suggested that Trump should simply stop watching news he doesn’t like. In response, the president made the clearly absurd statement that he doesn’t watch the “fake news” networks, a lie that was preemptively undone by the complaints he uttered just seconds before. If he didn’t actually watch them, he wouldn’t know to whine about them.

Trump also complained about NBC and the fact that they don’t run fawning coverage of him the way Fox does. He feels entitled to complementary segments since his hit show The Apprentice was on NBC and he “made them a fortune.” Then he started rambling about former FBI Director James Comey before Ainsley Earhardt finally interjected to ask him an unrelated question about North Korea, a clear attempt on her part to change the subject and salvage the segment.

In perhaps the most disturbing section of the program, Trump alluded to the possibility that he might interfere at the Justice Department and direct them to go after the FBI, an act that would constitute a blatant attempt to obstruct justice and undermine Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

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The hosts were unable to get a word in until Kilmeade finally pushed the president off the phone, helping him save face by saying that Trump had a lot of things to go tend to. The entire segment was utterly pathetic.

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Now it turns out the unhinged television performance could land Trump in real trouble. Attorneys from Southern District of New York’s U.S. Attorney’s Office intend to use this morning’s footage to refute previous claims Trump made about Michael Cohen. 

CNN’s Jim Sciutto reported the news. In particular, the attorneys are zeroing in on Trump’s claim to Fox & Friends that Cohen only does a “tiny, tiny, little fraction” of Trump’s total legal work.

The Attorney’s Office claims that this admission by Trump means that the documents the FBI seized when they raided Cohen’s Trump Tower office are unlikely to contain privileged documents, making them fair game for investigatory review. Once again, Trump has stumbled headfirst into trouble because he couldn’t keep his lying mouth shut.

Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.

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