Chrissy Teigen just broke her silence on Kanye’s Trump meltdown and trashed Tomi Lahren


Yesterday was a rough day for Kanye West fans. The Grammy Award-winning rapper has a long history of advocating for black rights and minority empowerment, so many were stunned when he took to Twitter to throw his support behind our current racist, incompetent president and to attack former President Obama.

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Trump himself even thanked Kanye for one of the tweets.


Amidst similarly unhinged tweets, Kanye shared a screenshot of a text conversation with his friend, world-famous musician John Legend. Legend urged Kanye to reconsider his support of Trump, saying that it’s dangerous for someone with as much cultural influence as Kanye to ally himself with a president who is deeply damaging to people of color. He pointed out that it could irreparably tarnish Kanye’s musical legacy. Kanye wasn’t swayed.

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Now, model and beloved celebrity Chrissy Teigen, who is married to Legend, has broken her silence on the debacle in diplomatic fashion. She said that people have been asking her to weigh in on not only Kanye but the right-wing, cryptofascist, propaganda peddler Tomi Lahren who Teigen gave the less-than-flattering moniker “Tami Lasagna,” demonstrating just how seriously she takes the Fox News hack. 

Teigen also mentioned “RHOA”, an acronym for Real Housewives of Atlanta, a show which fans have been eager for her to discuss given that her friend who stars in it has been embroiled in some inane melodrama with the other cast members.


After acknowledging the desire from the public to hear her thoughts, Teigen said she will indeed speak about the issues in question, but only in private, with the people involved in them. It’s a mature, classy approach.

Of course, she also tossed in some comedy, poking fun at Kanye choosing to take pictures of one phone with another phone, joking it was the “most elaborate and complex google pixel phone ad [she] had ever seen.”

Never change, Chrissy.

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Natalie Dickinson

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