CNN’s Don Lemon just revealed the real reason Trump hasn’t tweeted about Waffle House massacre

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CNN host Don Lemon pinpointed the reason Trump has all but ignored both the victims and the hero of the weekend’s deadly Waffle House shooting – and it’s definitely not because John Kelly has finally cracked down on Trump’s personal cell phone use.

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The segment featured a panel of contributors including the fiery “never-Trump” Republican and Contra death squad apologist Ana Navarro and political strategist and attorney Angela Rye. Time constraints gave Rye the final word, who went off on a beautiful tribute to those who lost their lives, indignant to the president’s indifference.

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Once the panel cleared, a somber Lemon was left alone with his audience as he delivered the heartbreaking reason:

“It would be nice if he tweeted about the four people who lost their lives in the Waffle House, the four black people who lost their lives, and the black hero from that, but not unless it’s a Muslim does he tweet about something like that.”

Lemon’s comments came hours after the suspected shooter Travis Reinking was taken into custody.

Lemon couldn’t be more right. Just days after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas massacre left 17 dead, another shooting was attempted at a school in Maryland.

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News quickly spread that a safety officer in the school shot and subdued the gunman. Trump hastily tweeted a congratulatory message, even though it was later revealed the safety officer’s shots weren’t what stopped that shooter.

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By contrast, James Shaw Jr. leapt to hero status when he pounced on the gunman and wrestled the scorching-hot murder machine from the gunman’s hands, leaving him with burns on his hands. While in recovery, Shaw Jr. managed to raise over $30,000 for the victims families, and Trump still hasn’t said a word.

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The shooter (whose name is irrelevant to this author, at least) is accused of killing four and injuring others during a 3:19 AM shooting spree in Antioch, TN. He was previously arrested by the Secret Service last July in a restricted area near the White House.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders praised Shaw’s “heroic actions,” and offered the president’s condolences to the victims – which would be fine under some circumstances, except that Trump has set a precedent to tweet his feelings and military actions on the regular, and Huckabee Sanders’ favorite response to “What does the president think about [insert topic]?” is, “I haven’t asked him yet.”

But on THIS tragedy, she was briefed, and Trump chose instead to remain silent on social media. Though he did find time to comment on French President Macron’s dandruff this morning – CRISIS AVERTED!

Check out Lemon’s heartbreaking moment here:

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