August 18, 2022

A dramatic change just went down in Waffle House shooter court case

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A judge in Tennessee can’t bring back the lives of the four people murdered by the AR-15-toting Waffle House shooter, but today he brought a touch of justice on their behalf according to a report on Raw Story


Over the weekend, gunfire rang out around 3:19 AM at a Nashville-adjacent Waffle House, injuring several (including James Shaw Jr, the black hero who subdued the gunman without a gun of his own), and taking four more innocent lives in the process.

It took 24 hours for police to track and capture the shooter, who – because he’s white – was captured unharmed. If that weren’t enough, he was also granted $2 million bond.

While that may seem like a hefty, unattainable sum to most people in this world, it’s not the amount which was an insult to the victims and survivors – it’s the fact that a man could commit a quadruple homicide and only be thwarted by a Good Samaritan and still qualify for release should enough money be available. 

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Davidson County Judge Michael Mondelli did not give a reason for overturning the bond order issued by a night magistrate following the arrest, but his decision followed a public outcry over the possibility that the suspect could potentially be freed from jail.

 The Nashville District Attorney’s office was “inundated with calls” from angry members of the public who felt the unhinged gunman had no business being released until he was adequately tried for his crimes, according to DA spokesman Steve Hayslip.
This decision shouldn’t have needed public attention to suspend the bond, though, considering Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall told reporters on Tuesday that the suspect was under medical observation and a suicide watch.

“We have to protect other inmates from him. And we have to protect him from other inmates.”

So, other inmates need protection from him, and he needs protection from himself, but apparently the public can probably handle another shooting at his hands should he be released on bond.

Thankfully, that sound logic was destroyed by Judge Michael Mondelli, and the shooter will spend his time awaiting trial behind bars which is honestly the absolute least he could do after the hell to which he subjected his victims and their families.

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Salvatore Nicholas

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