August 17, 2022

Melania just issued a rare tweet to George H.W. Bush amid health scare

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Maybe it’s because she just attended his wife’s funeral and bonded with the former president, but First Lady Melania Trump just sent out a rare tweet not directly related to White House ceremonies expressing her thoughts and prayers for George H. W. Bush.


The 93-year-old former president was admitted to the intensive care unit at the Houston Methodist Hospital yesterday after contracting a blood infection in the aftermath of his wife Barbara Bush’s memorial service.

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The elder head of the Bush clan was in critical condition when he was admitted Sunday morning, but a spokesman said that he was “responding to treatments and appears to be recovering.”

Melania attended the funeral service without her husband who was reportedly not welcomed by the family whom he attacked so frequently during his campaign and whom he has managed to consistently exceed in the level of damage caused to the nation by a sitting president, outpolling both George H. W. and George W. Bush to come out on top of the list in the surveys of the worst president of all time.

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Melania looked like she was cherishing the time away from her philandering spouse at the memorial service, seated next to the charming former president whose national origin and religion her husband was so fond of telling deliberate lies about. As she chatted with the man Donnie liked to call a Kenyan Muslim and whose legacy Trump has dedicated his presidency to dismantling, she smiled with an ease and happiness that she has never managed to display in the presence of her orange meal ticket.

The photo of the current first lady with President Obama went viral, often with  hilarious  captions appended like “You know your husband is going to prison, right?”, “How’s the anti-bullying campaign going?” and “Next time don’t marry anyone under 85.”

Whatever your opinion of the First Lady, at least she manages to find the decency to express condolences and get well wishes and the other types of social niceties that her husband eschews. One upender of civilized society per couple in the White House is more than enough.

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