August 14, 2022

CNN’s April Ryan was just left visibly fuming by Trump’s spokeswoman’s defense of his racist “breeding” tweet

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One of President Trump’s promises on the campaign trail was to bring new jobs to America. Who knew that one previously non-existent profession would sprout from his habit of sending cryptic messages on Twitter that require a professional presidential tweet interpreter, a job akin to that of a soothsayer or an oracle?


Consider this gem that Trump tweeted out last week from Mar-a-Lago while the president was on his latest spring break golfing spree.

A diviner might be necessary to tease out the hidden meanings behind the arbitrary capitalizations and exaggerated spelling, but the real mystery hidden in this tweet is what the hell the president meant by the phrase “crime infested & breeding concept.”

When White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders held her first press briefing today since Trump composed this enigma of a message, she was bombarded with questions about it from the puzzled press corps, according to an article on The Hill.

Jim Acosta of CNN rightfully interpreted the message as an attack on the sizable Latino population in California and asked whether the president was making a derogatory comment on that ethnic group.

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“No, he’s talking about the problem itself growing and getting bigger,”  was Sanders reply.

American Urban Radio Networks and CNN correspondent April Ryan still wasn’t clear how the press secretary’s answer related to the exact wording of the tweet and asked specifically what President Trump meant by the use of the word “breeding” in the context of the tweet.

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“The president has recognized this is a major problem. A lot of people, even in California, want to see the issue of sanctuary cities addressed,” Sanders said.

Ryan clearly heard this answer as evasive and decided to help the press secretary understand her question better by interjecting “When you think of breeding, you think of animals breeding, populating,” to which Sanders replied:

“I’m not going to begin to think what you think,” Sanders responded. “Certainly I think it could mean a lot of things to a lot of people. But the president is talking about a growing problem.”

Ryan was not pleased with this answer.

Another reporter chimed in asking whether the “breeding” comment perhaps referred to  “people having babies,” perhaps as a reference to the “anchor baby” right-wing talking point.

“Not that I’m aware of,” Sanders said. “I would have to ask him to be more specific.”

Clearly, Huckabee Sanders lacks the interpretive finesse that is required of a truly gifted presidential tweet clairvoyant. Luckily, the denizens of Twitter are happy to enlist their psychic talents to help the less gifted discover the underlying significance of Trump’s oblique message.

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Bloomberg reporter Justin Sink needed no divine revelation to realize that the entire interpretive brouhaha came down to a typo that the press secretary was unwilling to admit to.

It’s a sad realization that the explication of the policies of our nation hangs on the vagaries of spell check, but welcome to the Trump administration.

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Vinnie Longobardo

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