CNN just exposed VP Pence’s role in the Trump Russia scandal


A surprising tweet by Trump’s convicted former National Security Advisor’s son just drew Vice President Mike Pence into the crosshairs of the Trump-Russia investigation and ensuing cover-up.

Last year, Gen. Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to charges of lying to the FBI while in office as Trump’s NSA to cover up the true nature of his secret conversations about sanctions that he held during the transition with Russia’s Ambassador, Sergey Kislyak.

In response, President Trump tweeted an official statement that “I had to fire General Flynn because he lied to the Vice President and the FBI” which he later blamed on his lawyer.

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This morning, Mike Flynn Jr. – who became famous for his role in perpetuating the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory that eventually resulted in his ouster from the transition team – tweeted that the President’s excuse for firing his father as NSA, which VP Pence echoed, for him lying to them about his conversations with Russian Ambassador Kislyak about sanctions, is just a big fat lie.

As CNN’s Chris Cillizza pointed out, Flynn Jr.’s statement leads to three important conclusions about General Flynn’s firing and the subsequent coverup by President Trump and VP Pence:

  1. Pence, who has said he had no knowledge of the conversations Flynn was having with Kisylak and other Russian officials, actually did know.
  2. Trump’s reason for firing Flynn doesn’t hold water since the former national security adviser didn’t lie to Pence.
  3. Flynn chose to lie to the FBI about his dealings with the Russians during the transition but told the truth to the incoming vice president about those same interactions

This is an important development because the motive behind Trump’s attempts to stop FBI Director James Comey from investigating General Flynn still hasn’t been established, and his son is trying to take “lied to the VP” off the table.

Furthermore, as Cillizza pointed out, why wouldn’t General Flynn lie to the Vice President, merely a fireable offense, and tell the truth to the FBI who can file criminal charges over a lie?

If you follow this line of reasoning, and it’s fairly certain that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been, then General Flynn knows something about President Trump’s relationship with Russia that is so explosive, merely revealing it could topple both he and Vice President Pence, once revealed.

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Grant Stern

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