March 22, 2023

NY Times’ Maggie Haberman just revealed the real reason Trump isn’t at Barbara Bush’s funeral

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President Trump woke up this morning and promptly attacked The New York Times for its article published yesterday describing how badly the president treated his personal Attorney and fixer Michael Cohen over the years.

In a series of tweets, Trump went after the newspaper and its chief White House correspondent, Maggie Haberman, using his typically degrading style to send a coded message to his lawyer, who has sworn that he would take a bullet for the president in what many would call a prime example of Stockholm Syndrome.

The message he was sending was a desperate attempt to prevent Cohen from flipping to become a government witness once the mountains of potentially devastatingly incriminating evidence seized from his files and electronic devices reveal their secrets.

Trump’s reference to “a drunk/drugged up loser” is apparently a reference to his former campaign advisor Roger Stone, the man Trump once told right-wing looney Alex Jones was “a good guy,” and has “been so loyal and so wonderful.” Stone was quoted in The New York Times story as saying of  their mutual friend Michael Cohen: “Donald goes out of his way to treat him like garbage.”

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Despite the president’s protestations to the contrary, The New York Times stood behind its story and tweeted as much.

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The paper’s maligned White House correspondent didn’t take the “third rate reporter” appellation without retaliation either. The woman who Trump claims he never speaks to and has nothing to do with could have simply posted this picture in response.

Instead, she got her revenge by posting a tweet explaining the true reason that Trump was in Florida playing golf this morning rather than attending the funeral of former first lady Barbara Bush.

While expressing a sentiment that the majority of people in the United States (and around the globe, for that matter) share, Haberman manages to put the president back in the context of the normal, pre-Trump era, an era where presidents don’t have to worry about their personal fixer for extra-marital infidelities spilling their guts about all of the other shady dealings they’ve managed on their behalf.

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